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#GemeinsamAllemGewachsen (together we are up to anything)

We stand up for war refugees from Ukraine and their helpers

We are deeply saddened that in the 21st century a brutal war of aggression is being waged in Europe. This attack on Ukraine has triggered great solidarity. There is also great sympathy and willingness to help among Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen and its employees. As an insurer, we also want to offer people in emergency situations and our customers comprehensive protection in these times of crisis.
Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen joins the support of the people from Ukraine and their helpers here in Germany and in Saxony. With the following offers, we want to do our part to ensure that people who have had to leave their homes out of fear for their lives are helped quickly and unbureaucratically. We also want to support those who stand by the refugees and provide humanitarian aid with offers of help.
Information on free insurance in the Saxon Sparkasse current account
  • Refugees who open their current account with a Saxon savings bank automatically have private liability insurance cover from Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen free of charge until 30 September 2022. This means that you and your children are financially protected if you accidentally cause damage to third parties. This also applies to accidental damage in private accommodation. The cover additionally extends to keeping your own dogs that you bring with you.
    We are offering you a one-off free option to extend until 31 December 2022. You will receive a letter with an attachment. To take up the offer, please complete the enclosed form and return it to us. 
    Report a claim by phone:  +49 351 4235 8929
Information on the current account of the Sparkasse
Motor insurance
  • Validity of Ukrainian driving licences

    All Ukrainians who hold a Ukrainian or an international driving licence may drive motor vehicles in Germany in the categories for which their driving licence has been issued, provided they are temporarily staying in Germany.

    Proof of motor vehicle liability insurance for Ukrainian cars

    Motorists travelling on German roads need motor vehicle liability insurance. That includes cars visiting Germany from abroad. Without valid insurance coverage you are not allowed to drive in Germany. Depending on what country the car comes from, the legal requirement is either insurance taken out within the European Economic Area (EEA) as evidenced by the license plate, a Green Card or frontier insurance. 
    The “International Motor Insurance Card” is better known as Green Card. In all member countries of the Green Card system it is proof of third party cover, i.e. motor vehicle liability insurance, in accordance with the regulations in the respective country the car is travelling in. What's more, the Green Card contains important data on the vehicle, its keeper and their insurance. Since 1 July 2020 , the colour of the document has changed in Germany: while it used to be green it is now black and white.
    Ukrainian refugees may obtain a digital Green Card from their Ukrainian motor insurance even if the vehicle is not currently in Ukraine. For further information please visit
Working for Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen
  • Ukrainian refugees can obtain the status of "war refugee" throughout the EU. With this status, refugees receive a right of residence for an initial period of two years and immediate access to the labour market. The prerequisite for this is registration with the local foreigners' authority. The Employment Agency has compiled further information here.
    If you would like to work here as a refugee with your protection status, we at Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen also offer you various employment opportunities.
    We are the only insurance company and market leader in Saxony with 800 employees at the head office in Dresden and everywhere in the region. You will find varied tasks with prospects with us.
    Possible activities, depending on your suitability, could be customer advisory service in our agencies all over Saxony or directly with us, working in the telephone advisory service and claims reporting or supporting our IT projects. The work is possible on a temporary basis or part-time.
    If you are interested, you can use this short applicationApplication
    Click here for further vacancies: Vacancies at Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen
Information for refugees from Ukraine
Information for helpers and those willing to help
  • The war in Ukraine has led to a continuous flight of Ukrainian citizens. Many of them had to leave their homes in a hurry and are now mostly in the countries bordering Ukraine. International organisations expect that in the coming weeks and months, due to the limited capacities of the neighbouring countries and the ongoing war, there will be a considerable movement of refugees to Germany as well. Many citizens want to help and get involved with those arriving. For this very valuable support, you will find some information here.

    Tips for donations

    Mit Geldspenden können Hilfsorganisationen die wichtigsten Notwendigkeiten kaufen und an Bedürftige weitergeben. Sachspenden hingegen müssen erst den langen Weg von Deutschland in die Ukraine nehmen, sind aber in bestimmten Situationen genauso hilfreich. Hier Informationen zu zwei übergreifenden Spendenbündnissen:
    Aktion Deutschland hilft
    In 2001, Germany's renowned aid organisations joined forces under the name "Deutschland hilft" (Germany helps) to provide aid in a quick and coordinated manner.
    Members: ASB Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, Arbeiterwohlfahrt International, CARE Deutschland, Habitat for Humanity Deutschland, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, Malteser Hilfsdienst, World Vision Deutschland, Die Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle der Juden in Deutschland, Der PARITÄTISCHE Wohlfahrtsverband, arche noVa – Initiative für Menschen in Not, Der Bundesverband Rettungshunde, Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners, Hammer Forum, Handicap International, HelpAge Deutschland, Kinderhilfswerk Global-Care, LandsAid, Solidaritätsdienst International, TERRA TECH
    Aktion Deutschland Hilft e. V.
    Willy-Brandt-Allee 10-12, 53113 Bonn
    IBAN: DE62 3702 0500 0000 1020 30
    Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
    Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe
    Since 2001, four of the most important and experienced players in humanitarian aid in Germany have been jointly calling for donations in the event of major disasters as Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe (Action Alliance Disaster Relief).
    Members: Caritas international, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe und UNICEF Deutschland
    Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe GbR
    Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 1, 10115 Berlin
    IBAN: DE65 100 400 600 100 400 600
    In addition, there is the possibility to donate directly to aid organisations. Furthermore, wonderful regional initiatives are currently being created to provide targeted help. But beware: Currently many appeals for donations are being shared on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and the like. Avoid impulse donations at all costs. 
    Take a moment to check who is really behind the appeal for donations and whether the money is actually reaching an aid organisation. This blog article can help you with that.

    Reporting offers of help via the State of Saxony's citizen participation portal

    Many citizens want to help and get involved with refugees. The State of Saxony is in the process of bundling this very valuable support in order to direct offers to those seeking help. To this end, citizens can now  report offers of help via the citizen participation portal

    Information from the Sparkassen on tenancy law, financing, insurance for hosts

    In the meantime, millions of people are fleeing due to the war in Ukraine. Thousands of war refugees are also arriving in Germany every day. Aid organisations and municipalities have launched appeals for temporary private accommodation. Many citizens in this country want to help. There are some aspects you should consider before taking people in: Tenancy law, financing, insurance. 
Legal advice for helpers
  • Through our partner company, the "ÖRAG Rechtsschutzversicherung" (legal protection insurance), we offer all helpers free legal advice over the phone on urgent legal issues. It is carried out by a law firm licensed in Germany. The advice is free of charge and is also available to people without legal protection insurance.